Uses of all types of Sealants

Different applications require sealants of varying viscosity and chemical makeup, in order to withstand the conditions that they will be subjected to. Many sealants are available in a variety of colours to complement, rather than stand out in the area in which they are used.
In addition, joint sealing products are also used for colour and stain protection on floor tile.
Even in areas not related to energy loss joint sealing can be highly important. Having a well-sealed building not only prevents potential water damage, but also reduces unwanted visitors such as spiders, beetles and snakes that like to sneak in through cracks and joints in the outside walls
Just like paint and carpet, joint sealant ages and needs to be repaired or replaced over time, resulting in poor air and sound control. If your home is in need of better air and sound control, consider repairing and replacing your sealants instead of going for more drastic measures right away. Even one or two doors or windows with ineffective sealing can have a dramatic impact on your energy costs.