Expansion Joint Sealant

Expansion joints (sometimes called isolation joints) are joints that separate one slab of concrete from another and can be at a minimum of 1/2” in width. They are commonly filled with a compressible fiber board material. The joint between your garage floor and driveway is a good example of this. Expansion joints must be sealed with a flexible sealant, like QUIKRETE Self-Leveling Polyurethane Sealant or QUIKRETE Non-Sag Polyurethane Sealant (dependent on application), or an expansion joint strip, to prevent water from penetrating the joint and deteriorating the sub-base.

Expansion joints are virtually never needed with interior slabs, because the concrete doesn't expand that much—it never gets that hot. Expansion joints in concrete pavement are also seldom needed, since the contraction joints open enough (from drying shrinkage) to account for temperature expansion.

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