Urochem Trading PTY LTD is a local manufacturer of single pack expansion joint sealants, polysulphide and sealant compounds, waterproofing systems as well as epoxy products and chemical systems for the construction industry. We specialise in customer service and have the ability to custom blend various colors to our customers demands and specific requirements.


About Urochem Trading (Pty) Ltd

Urochem Trading was established in 1986 and has gone from strength to strength and today  boasts a collective experience in excess of 150 years. Our core business and objective is to constantly supply high quality single pack expansion joint sealants to the construction industry. Over the past years our improved products, our upgraded production facility as well as an outstanding quality control system ensures we can constantly supply our customers with high quality products as well as in-depth technical advise ensuring our customers have peace of mind that they are using the best product for their unique project requirements.

Urochem strives to be the local leader in single pack expansion joint sealants and thus have developed a Low modulus, 15 Shore A  product, with exceptional elongation. We further supply paintable sealants, a white non-yellowing sealant for external use and our claim to fame is that we can basically supply any color to our customers specific requirements. This tailor made service is unique to our company. All our products are UV stable and durable.