Welcome To Urochem

We partner with Presplus Products and ERA Polymers (Australia) and this enables us to provide a wider range of products and services to our customers and in so doing we achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Diverse Urethanes assists us with additional products like polyurethane elastomers, various foam systems, high performance castable products  as well as rubber and bitumen based waterproofing systems.

Presplus Products assists with specialised rubber compound primers, adhesives and bonding agents for niche and high end application.

For any enquiries on our products feel free to contact us.

For more information about our products visit our products page.

Urochem Trading PTY LTD is a local manufacturer of single pack expansion joint sealants, polysulphide and sealant compounds, waterproofing systems

as well as epoxy products and chemical systems for the construction industry.

We specialise in customer service and have the ability to custom blend various colors to our customers demands and specific requirements.